How It Works

Prepare your vacuum

Take the stress out of having your Kirby serviced, You can either book your Kirby in to be serviced online or Give us a call on 01773 861005.

Next, we will then arrange a day to suit you when you would like to have your Kirby vacuum cleaner picked up.

We will then send out a special box to your door with our courier company. You will need to prepare your Kirby vacuum cleaner before putting it into the box.

Your Kirby will then arrive in our workshop the very next day and one of our specially trained engineers will get to work on it right away. Once we have the machine fully tested, inspected and stripped down to a bare shell we will then price up any parts that it requires. At this point we will give you a call to discuss any work that is needed.

Once any work has been agreed, we will then clean every individual part of your Kirby vacuum cleaner. Next, your vacuum is greased, lubricated and set up to obtain the maximum performance. With our 30 year experience in servicing Kirby vacuum cleaners we guarantee to have your Kirby vacuum working to it’s full potential by the time it arrives back to you.

We will then arrange a day for your Kirby to arrive back to you. While we have your Kirby vacuum in our workshop you can of course add belts, bags or Shampoo to your order and we will return these back to you with your Kirby vacuum cleaner.

Our collect and return service works on a next day turn around so for example we can pick your Kirby up on a Monday so it’s with us on Tuesday and back to your for Wednesday! Now that’s a fast and efficient service.

While in transit your Kirby is fully trackable and insured all the way.

What is included?

Once we have received your Kirby we will give it a thorough test to check its current performance and to diagnose if any parts are not working correctly.

After your Kirby has been tested we will the strip the machine to a bare shell carefully inspecting every part for wear and tear.

At this point if any your Kirby parts are beyond their best, or are not functioning properly we will make a full list of the parts needed.

We will then call you before starting work to have a good chat about the machine and it’s condition, we will then explain what parts are needed, if any. We will give you a full price on the service and you can choose what parts you have fitted, We pride ourselves and stretching every last ounce of wear out of every part on Kirby vacuum cleaners.

Now it’s time to rebuild your Kirby vacuum cleaner, All parts are carefully cleaned and polished before they are re fitted, The aluminium body of the machine is also had polished to restore it’s shine, For those people who have chosen the Premier service all the Aluminium parts are taken to the Buffing department and go through a 3 stage cut and polish to make the aluminium shine like it did when it came out of the factory.

Once everything is cleaned and polished, All parts and then lubricated and assembled to an extremely high standard, paying careful attention to setting up the machine to perform like new. There are a lot of variables on a Kirby and it’s essential these are set up correctly to get the maximum performance out of it.

Now your Kirby has been rebuild we give it a good test, This is where we make the final adjustments to the machine and once we are happy that it’s 100% we will then carefully pack the machine and return it to you the very next day.